Building Connections with Brands and People.

Driven by connection, Piper understands the importance of building authentic relationships with others. Whether it be in business or life in general, Piper believes the secret to success is meaningful collaboration, a strategic creative approach, and an opportunistic view of life. 

Hi, I’m Piper Phillips

I’m a marketing strategist, consultant and business influencer. Whether it be with clients, business connections, or my 55,000 + TikTok followers– my driving force is a love of forming authentic relationships.

My focus:

Marketing Strategy, Social Marketing, Content Creation, Confidence & Networking Coaching.

Piper's Perspectives

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“Whether you see Piper on TikTok or have the pleasure to meet her in person, her passion for helping others grow and for improving the world is genuine. Her energy and smile are contagious. Her questions and comments provided unique insight and thoughtfulness. I am excited to see what Piper will accomplish in the future.”
Dennis Spahr
Speaker & Business Author
“Few people have the ability to be a true creative. The combination of a content creator, brand consultant, sales generator, marketer, as well as being likable and personable… you get Piper. Overall, Piper holds an array of talents and skills that I will for sure be sticking around to capitalize on for the foreseeable future."
Arshia Sarkhani
CEO - Asset Entities
"I have known Piper for many years. I recall being impressed with her ability to self-manage her career since she was young. Piper approaches work with a friendly yet professional approach supported by a solid foundation of confidence and pride in what she does."
Chris Karabas
Executive Producer - Accomplice Media
"Piper is authentic, well-spoken and a mastermind when it comes to marketing strategy. Her insights into culturally relevant trends and topics give her the upper hand when it comes to content creation and sales for the brands she serves."
Will Hobick

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