About Piper Phillips

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things.

My name is Piper Phillips, and first and foremost I’m a People Person. A vague, all-encompassing term, right? I’m passionate about making connections and building relationships– whether it be for business, networking or personal growth. 

This site is a little peek into my brain, and a home for all the things I love to learn, do, and talk about.

Growing Up

I attribute my go-getter attitude, charisma and love of connecting with an audience to my experience as a performing musician.


Since age 15, I’ve performed weekly at restaurants, weddings, and private events– playing guitar, piano and singing.


This was really my first entrepreneurial endeavor as I created marketing materials promoting myself, and literally went door-to-door asking to speak with the owner of restaunts and convincing them to let me play. 

From Music, To Marketing

Though I loved playing music, I realized the thing I loved perhaps even more was the challenge of “reading a room” and connecting with the various audiences I was playing for. 


As I played everything from a 50-year wedding anniversary party to a 5 year old’s birthday, I quickly mastered the art of anticipating the needs of an audience and playing to the crowd. What felt like a fun little challenge at the time, ultimately trained me to be a perceptive marketer.

The most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life have come from chance-encounters at hotel bars, last-minute booked flights, and sending a bold message I wasn’t sure anyone would read.

My Undergrad Experience

During my time at the Kelley School of Business at IU, I was involved in a number of business organizations and leadership opportunities. In addition to being Event Director of Kappa Alpha Theta, I was also a member of the Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi where I served as Assistant Director of Marketing. 


During my first two years at Kelley I worked a Kelley Guide as well, and a member of Kelley’s Retail Workshop– an invitation-only course designed to give students a deep dive into the retail industry.


In my Junior year, I was a participant of a Brand Strategy Practicum, where I led a team of students from different schools to work with management and launch a new fictional product for Wells Enterprise’s brand, Bomb Pop.

Me, Now

Since then, I’ve worked on marketing projects in various industries. Some notable experiences include: interning at Victoria’s Secret, strategizing a go-to-market plan for a celebrity-owned RTD alcohol brand, and being the only female and youngest individual promoted to Director at New Equity Consulting (a marketing arm of a late-stage investment fund).


From my previous work experience, I’ve learned which parts of marketing (and business as a whole) I truly love. I’ve realized that my favorite part of a project is the beginning.  Somewhere in between a Creative and a Marketing Analyst, I thrive in Brand Strategy roles focused in ideation, and go-to market strategy.


Most recently I’ve been focused on growing my personal brand on TikTok and launching my Marketing and Content Agency,  Blazer Marketing.

Let’s Get Personal

My other passions are playing music, having deep conversations over fancy cocktails, going on mental health walks to buy overpriced iced lattes, and calling my mom. I am also a certified confidence coach passionate about empowering and mentoring young women in business, and in their personal lives. 


I’m from Chicago, based out of New York and am a citizen of the United States and the European Union.


3 words to describe me? Charismatic, driven & opportunistic.


Confidence Coaching

I strongly believe that though people are gifted with different starting levels of confidence– it truly is a skill anyone can develop. I attribute almost every single positive experience I’ve had in my life to some degree of confidence & charisma.


For the past year, I’ve been working towards my certification as an official Confidence Coach. This course has helped me understand exactly why developing the skill of confidence is crucial, regardless of where you are in life.


I am currently open to 1:1 sessions. My focus is with career-driven young women. Please join my Discord, the Confidence Collective— and reach out!

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