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Leverage our network of women who are both skilled content creators, and marketing minds. We create effective User-Generated Content on TikTok for brands like yours.

We’re the missing link between you, and an authentic relationship with your target market. 

5 M+

5 M+

Blazer Creator Network’s Reach

Where else can you easily reach that many of your target consumers?

700 M+

700 M+

TikTok’s Monthly Active Users (MAU)

The number of potential customers you’re currently missing out on.



80% of TikTok’s Users

If your target market falls between these ages – then listen up.

What is Blazer Marketing?

Blazer Marketing is a creative agency that builds authentic (and profitable) relationships between brands and their customers. We consult on and create effective user-generated content for your company’s social media platforms– so you can genuinely connect with your target market on auto-pilot.


TLDR; outsource your TikTok to creative & savvy gen-Z experts.

“Influencers” just won’t cut it.

Blazer is powered by its network of women who are both experienced content creators, and skilled businesswomen. This means that your content campaigns will always be on-trend, eye-catching and grounded in marketing theory. (So basically, they’re fun and they work).


Rather than focusing on one-off sales or random viral videos, Blazer Marketing gives your company the tools to create a loyal community. Think of us as the missing link between you and millions of people who would love to love you.

Connect with your consumers in a better way with Blazer.

Blazer Marketing is a network of content creators and marketing experts that create authentic, and effective user-generated content for your brand.

Our With The Old, In With The Effective

The rise of influencer marketing is not an equal one. Though influencer marketing rose to popularity around 2015, its effectiveness has declined as users equate influencers to celebrities. The most effective way to leverage social media is by user-generated content. UGC is 42% more effective than branded content, and fosters much higher trust with consumers.

Meet: User-Generated Content

UGC is still somewhat of a secret weapon. Many companies think it’s enough just to have an in-house marketing team run their social media… as if your marketing department isn’t busy enough. Most in-house marketing teams don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with ever-changing social media trends… and when they do create content, it often feels forced and inauthentic. User-generated content is content that is created directly from your target consumers that love you. Who better to market to your consumers, then your consumers themselves?

You x Blazer Marketing

If you’re a brand looking to connect with your target market in an authentic way, OR a business-savvy content creator, I’d love to chat with you.

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